Our team's intention is to diffuse the art of flag-waving and to evoke a historical period with a parade of costumes, flags and banners representing the emblem of Florence, and with an accompaniment of melodies and rythms of the Renaissance.

Our flagwavers always do their best and everytime a great public welcomes them with warmth. Watching the flags movements and colours you can feel the charming atmosphere of Florence in the XVI century.
At that time the flag was a country's, district's or family's emblem and one of the protagonists of a nation's history.

Since the Middle Ages the flag was a help for the troupes who were fighting on a battle field. But if the flag fell into enemy hands, this meant for them a defeat and a terrible dishonour. The flag could even warn of a danger or welcome a triumphant army.

During the Renaissance flags and banners enlivened magnificient celebrations at court of the Medici or in the streets of Florence. From then on the flag hadn't only a martial use and became the protagonist of a show.
The merry flag waving, the gentle rustle of the flags accompained by the sound of drums and clairons are the main features of our spectacular show, which requires ability, a refined coreography and a constant training.

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