Our team offers a show of old times on the occasion of banquets, special events, meetings, anniversaries and so on. Thanks to our experience at various events even abroad, we can organize a lively and bright show which is also respectful of our old traditions. Our team is composed of flagwavers, musicians, ladies in costumes à la Renaissance and armed extras.

Our exibition's program:

- Parade
- Greeting
- Single exercise with four or five flags
- Duo
- Team "Lorenzo il Magnifico" with four flagwavers
- Team "Il Giglio" with six flagwavers
- Team "Fiorenza" with more then six flagwavers
- Jump with flags.

The sound of drums and clarions accompains the whole exibition. The number of flagwavers and extras can variate according to our customers' requests and to the space at our disposal. We reserve the right to change our program.

For further information don't hesitate to contact us.

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